Heidi Olden

Hi! My name is Heidi Olden and I am a Licensed Esthetician and former spa owner in San Diego, CA. After over twenty years of owning and operating brick and mortar businesses, I have created an online store to share my favorite natural and organic skin care products with you!

For many years, my passion for an organic and healthy lifestyle has led me to choose natural and organic skin and beauty products not only for my personal use but also for the services we offered at my two former day spas, Zenobia Wellness Spa, in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and Urban Calm, in San Diego, California. 

What we put on our skin, our largest organ, is an important element in our overall health and wellness. I believe we can attain healthy, radiant skin with an all-encompassing approach to the health of our body, mind, and spirit. This includes eating healthy organic whole foods, exercising, using meditation to calm the mind, and applying natural and organic products to our skin.

 The products I have chosen to feature on my website are all from companies I have worked with for many years. I have so much respect and admiration for their passion for purity and their dedication to providing a superior product that is not only effective but also clean and natural, free of harmful chemicals. 

 We are all uniquely beautiful. It is my hope that the products you purchase from me will enable you to take care of the health of your skin and also help you to feel beautiful. Enjoy the ritual of caring for your skin and the luxurious scents and textures of these amazing products. I am confident they will help you enhance your unique beauty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you!